Zn Modified Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Electrode

Zn Picture

To promote the photoelectrochemical property, we usually take the following methods:

(1) Loading precious simple metal substance such as Pt, Ag, Au. Lay WO3 over FTO with Ag grid, the testing photocurrent density is two times than the one without Ag.

(2) Doping certain amount of metal ion or non-metal ion in WO3. Doping Ta5+ in WO3 photo electrode, the experiment shows that photoelectric conversion rate of doping electrode is much higher.

(3) Recombine WO3 with other inorganic semiconductor material, use impregnation method to prepare CuO/WO3 composite material. It turns out that CuO/WO3 shows better photo catalytic ethylal.

(4) Recombine WO3 with organic material. Prepare PBrT/WO3 and PMOT/WO3 composite material. After testing it shows that the composite one has better electrochemical property.

This paper mainly focuses on the research of Zn affects WO3 thin film photoelectrode photoelectrochemical property. Use simple cathode electro deposition-impregnation method heating for 3hours in 450℃ to prepare Zn modified tungsten oxide thin film electrode. By testing the photoelectrochemical and photoelectric catalytic activity, a certain amount of Zn doping WO3 photoelectrode, its property is greatly improved.

Preparation method:

(1) Use Pt electrode as counter electrode, the saturated calomel electrode as reference electrode, cleaned indium tin oxide electric glass as working electrode. The electro deposition is carried out under room temperature, the applied voltage is -0.6V, deposition time is 1 hour, then blue amorphous form of WO3-x•nH2O thin film is obtained.

(2) After dry in the air, put the thin film in muffle furnace, annealing for 3 hours under 450℃, the heating rate is 2℃•min-1, then we can get tungsten oxide thin film electrode.

(3) Use electro deposition-impregnation method to modify WO3 electrode with Zn. Impregnate thin film in Zn(NO3)2 solution. After dry it in the air, annealing the WO3 thin film contained with Zn in muffle furnace under the same condition with step(2). Finally we can get Zn modified tungsten oxide thin film electrode.