Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Electrochemical Deposition Method

Electrodeposition Picture

Electrochemical deposition is a kind of liquid phase method, electrolyte electrolysis under current, thin film will form on the surface of electrode. Electrochemical deposition method has a long history, the technology is relatively mature. Metal electrochemical deposition processing techniques had already appeared in the early 19th century.

The basic process of WO3 thin film prepared by electrochemical deposition is using a certain percentage of H2O2 to dissolve tungsten powder, then get rid of excess H2O2, then obtaining electrolyte solution and then use natural deposition. Apply Pt as working electrode and use another substance as counter electrode. Adding current to deposition, WO3 thin film is obtained on Pt electrode.

Using "improved electrochemical deposition method" to producing WO3 film and studied oxygen treatment to the film, and the electrochemical properties of the film after oxygen treatment, especially the impact of infrared reflectance. This method is used in the preparation of WO3 thin film on the surface of Ti substrate. Use electrochemical deposition method to producing WO3 thin film which contains many kinds of metal oxides, its electrochromic property is better than pure WO3 thin film. Compared to other method, electrochemical deposition method has simple requirement for device, it is easy to control, the coated thin film is uniform and can be applied in preparing composite thin film, due to the influence of coating area, the obtained WO3 thin film is smaller.