Electrochromic Device

Electrochromic Device Picture

Electrochromic device has a wide application prospect, recently there has been many electrochromic device being invented include ECD, electrochromic smart window and glare-free mirror. Besides that there are also color sunglasses, high resolution photoelectric photographic equipment, photoelectric chemical energy conversion, reservoir and so on.

Electrochromic Display

ECD is the first electrochromic device which being invented and developed, compared to other display devices, it has no blind angel, high contrast, the grayscale is easy to control, easy to manufacture, flexible in working temperature, low voltage, colorful and storage without access to power. It is suitable for the large-area display device which has fewer requirements for reaction time and can be compatible to microelectronic circuit. However, due to its long reaction time (hundreds of milliseconds), high efficacy, shorter service life, it is being replaced by LED display in watch. But these shortage would be less importance in large-area display like stock exchange and bus station, so it has great development potential after all.

Electrochromic Smart Window

Electrochromic smart window is firstly being came up by Fampert and Granquist, the solar radiation energy can be adjusted by people’s need. Modern buildings usually use large-area glasses for lighting and aesthetics. It also causes heat accumulation in summer and heat escape in winter which results in a load for air-conditioning, Electrochromic smart window changes the color of glass by adding direct voltage and electricity current thus alter the optical property of material. Energy goes into and out of the window can be adjusted by incident light and transmission. On the one hand, it can keep the light soft in the room and maintain the proper temperature, also reduce the shielding tools. On the other hand it can satisfy the lighting and aesthetic need for modern buildings. It can not only make a proper use of solar energy, but also reduce air-conditioning energy consumption thus save the energy.

Glare-free Mirror

Nowadays the car mirrors are usually made of liquid crystal material, which can only be switched between light and dark, it is makes us uncomfortable especially when the sun shines strongly in the summer it will hurt our eyes and cause traffic accident. Electrochromic car mirror can adjusting reflectivity continuously. There has been ECD comes into the market in the USA and Japan, it mainly uses proton as transaction ion in electrolyte.