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Number of Recycling

Switch Reaction Time

Memory Storage Time

Electrochromic Material

Electrochromic Glass

Electrochromic Device

Photochromatic Material

Photochromatic Application

Hydrogen Sensitive Property

Optical Fiber Hydrogen Sensor

Gas Sensor

Macroporous Silicon Tungsten Oxide Gas Sensor

Meso-porous Silicon Tungsten Oxide Gas Sensor

Meso-porous Structure Tungsten Oxide Gas Sensor

Doped Thin Film

Doped Thin Film

Optimum Doping Amount

Li-Doped Thin Film

Ta-Doped Thin Film

PEO-Doped Thin Film

TiO2-Doped Thin Film

MoO3-Doped Thin Film

Producing Method

Sol-Gel Method

Sputtering Method

Vapor Evaporation Method

Electrochemical Deposition

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Electrode

Nanoporous Tungsten Oxide Electrode

Preparation Method

Optical Property

Cyclic Voltammetry

Oxidation Glucose

Solar Cell

N-doped Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Electrode

Zn Modified Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Electrode

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